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Security planning "German Unity Day" in Erfurt

For the festivities surrounding this holiday, FAIRNET GmbH was commissioned as the general agency by the Thuringian State Chancellery to plan, design and implement the "Citizens' Festival" throughout Erfurt's Old Town.

Jörg Wagner (Showconcept GmbH) and Uli Dietze (Mosaic Vision GmbH) took on the tasks of security planning under the FAIRNET umbrella.


Ultimately, a 10-month planning process culminated in a citizens' festival in Erfurt, which was attended by a total of approx. 90,000 visitors over 3 days. The comprehensive personnel and technical security precautions went almost unnoticed by the visitors, which, together with a great logistical/organisational performance by FAIRNET, contributed to a carefree, beautiful festival for all citizens against the backdrop of Erfurt's old town and the Petersberg.

FarbArena | Trade Fair for Crafts | Quarterback Immobilien Arena | 2015 | 2017 & 2023

After 2015 and 2017, the group of companies "Farben Schultze", "Engel & Jung" and "Winkler & Gräbner" again planned a trade fair in 2020 on the topics of "paints, renovation, wallpaper, tools".
Due to the pandemic, this fair was postponed several times and will now take place on 2 September 2023.

We were responsible for the technical planning of sound, light and rigging on behalf of the organiser as well as the approval applications and on-site technical coordination for this trade fair.

UEFA Champions League® Final | Madrid, Porto, Paris & Istanbul | since 2019

UEFA organises four European football competitions each year – the Super Cup, the Nations League, the Europe League and the Champions League.

Each competition ends with a final which, due to the high media interest and additional organisational and technical requirements on the part of UEFA, sometimes demands considerable additional technical equipment.

This applies in particular to the areas of power supply, camera platforms, studio installations, infrastructure for broadcasters and show sound. Every year, all of the finals are held in a different stadium.

We were commissioned by UEFA, Technical Services, with fully preparing and overseeing the implementation of its additional requirements for the final in Madrid. The contract extended over a little more than nine months and ended with three weeks of on-site support, including the final itself.

In close coordination with the numerous UEFA departments involved, the stadium operator and the external service providers, the project was yet another success for Mosaic Vision GmbH.

From Istanbul to Porto

After more than 3 years of planning, the 2021 Champions League Final was to take place in Istanbul on May 29. We were already busy with the first setups in Istanbul when 17 days before the event, due to pandemic-related travel restrictions, the decision was made to play the 2021 final in Porto (Portugal).

In a feat of organizational and logistical strength, we then made a significant contribution to the successful final match in Porto on May 29, 2021, as part of the overall project team. During 2021, we were involved in the planning and implementation of other football events, including the EURO.

After the realisation of the UCLF 2022 in Paris due to the short-notice move (3 months) from St.Petersburg, the final in Istanbul could finally be planned and realised in 2023.

RB Leipzig’s German Season Finale celebration | Leipzig | 2019 | 2022 | 2023

Following the successful planning and implementation of the 2019 and 2022 end-of-season celebrations, Mosaic Vision GmbH was also commissioned with the planning and implementation of the 2023 end-of-season event, which was also the victory celebration for the DFB Cup final.

The task was to plan a complete open-air event for up to 30,000 visitors within 6 weeks, to carry out all the necessary coordination regarding the security concept and to set up the entire event overnight - within just under 14 hours.


Our experienced team and very good service providers made it possible to master this challenge and to make an emotional end-of-year event possible.

Closing worship Ev. Kirchentag | Wittenberg | 2017

The Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD) organized several events as part of the "500 Years of Reformation" celebrations in 2017. One highlight was the closing service of the Kirchentag, which was celebrated in the Elbe meadows outside Wittenberg.

The Elbe meadows are a meadow landscape classified as a fauna-flora habitat under nature conservation law. Against this background, the task was to plan and tender deconstructable logistics routes, infrastructures and visitor paths for 200,000 participants and ultimately to accompany them on site as project management

Insgesamt wurden für die Veranstaltung u.a. eine 30m-Rundbühne, eine Tribüne für 4.000 Teilnehmer, ca. 10.000 m2 Schwerlast-Bodenschutz, mehr als 20.000 m3 Schotter, 23 Delaytower, 5 Videotower, 4 km Kabelbrücken, mehr als 100 temp. Bauten und eine Pontonbrücke errichtet.

The company Mosaic Vision GmbH participated with a project manager and a technical manager in the planning group under the leadership of the company Showconcept. Together, this team managed a smooth and successful implementation of the event in a comparatively short planning period of only seven and a half months.

Wagner Reloaded | Rock Opera | Arena Leipzig | 2013

A multi-media rock opera delivering a theatrical portrayal of the life and work of Richard Wagner. With musical accompaniment from the MDR Symphony Orchestra, the MDR Choir and the Finnish band Apocalyptica, ballet dancers and amateur performers performed together on an elongated central stage.

We were responsible for technical management on behalf of “Kunst.Kraft.Werk Vockerode” GmbH. Accommodating a symphony orchestra on a three-storey frame, a stage more than 50 metres in length, key stage elements on movable ceiling tracks and an audience on cube seating were some, but by no means all, of the challenges we had to tackle.

Battle of the Year | Breakdance World Cup | since 1999

The Battle of the Year is the world’s largest breakdance championship. Each year the “World Finals” are attended by more than 200 dancers from all over the world – and around eight to ten thousand visitors.

The Hanover-based company SixStep GmbH has been collaborating with us ever since 1999. We are responsible for overall technical/logistical implementation and event coordination.